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Spiritual Energy BWRT, Akashic records and remote reiki healing for London (UK)

Remote Soul Clearings (clearing of the akashic records)

Some background...Who are we? A spiritual being living a physical experience.

Before we speak about the soul, let’s agree that we live each experience/our lives on 3 levels: at a conscious level (ego self), a subconscious and at superconscious (Soul/Higher Self).

The conscious mind gathers information through all our senses, makes decisions and stores them into the subconscious. It is our earthly identity which helps us to survive our physical reality.

The subconscious mind is our memory bank and retains all of it from non-discriminating and accepting point of view, good or bad, no judgment! It constantly monitors and records our daily thoughts, words and experiences.

Soul Clearings . akashic records

Whilst the conscious mind is often affected by the subconscious, it has the ability to program the subconscious. And that’s what happens in our lives. Programming can happen in more dramatic even traumatic ways such as from accidents or abuse. Whatever the cause, unless we keep the subconscious clear, we will continue to replay and re-experience the programming of our negative beliefs.

The superconscious mind is our link to the Divine or our Higher Self. (If we live our lives constantly in the ego, we often don’t recognise that link). The super conscious stores all our soul records or also called Akashic records. These Akashic records or Soul records are everything that has ever happened to your soul from the beginning of time. These records are called Akashic records where you will find programs, beliefs, blocks, discordant energies…

The subconscious and the superconscious between them retain our past life history and spiritual future.

Soul Clearings . soulclearing

Why a Soul Clearing?

Soul Clearing or also called "Clearing of the Akashic Records" is a process which researches the subconscious and soul records to discover and release hidden blocks to health, happiness and spiritual growth. Once a program/block or interference has being identified, we clear it. When a program or a block is cleared, it literally erases the negative energy pattern from your subconscious and soul records.

Soul Clearing is not limited to past lives. It is also invaluable for clearing the negative energy we accumulate in our day-to-day activities and interactions.

It can also be used to program the subconscious mind with new positive thoughts and energy. It is up to the individual to continue the program of releasing, becoming aware daily of discordant thoughts and emotions, and releasing them immediately before they take root in the subconscious mind.

Does a Soul Clearing replace Healing?

No it doesn't. Imagine that a Soul Clearing is about taking your car to the garage for a full service and that Reiki is a high quality fuel that allows your car to drive smoothly...

If you work with both, ie look after your car regularly and inject some of our very own "super power energy fuel" ie Reiki, your car (YOU) will enjoy a smoother ride to your destination without exhausting yourself unnecessarily along the way.

So the steps should really be:

  • Clear
  • Receive healing
  • Conscious work with Spiritual Coaching if there is persistent patterns at conscious level. The coaching session will help you identifying the false beliefs etc. New positive affirmations will then be defined to erase the pathways of the old negative ones...Hypnotherapy can also be offered to bypass the conscious and install these new affirmations in the subconscious.

    Healing and strengthening your connection and partnership with your Soul will lead you to a more peaceful and harmonious life. It is a process...so be gentle with yourself, it takes a little time and determination.

    Maintaining an existence free from discordant thoughts and emotions requires purpose, direction and constant work.

    Often a soul clearing is enough to release all negativity, tension or intensity in a specific situation.

  • What is included and how to order a Soul Clearing?

    Included in the fee are :
    A full report will be sent to you via email which will be followed by a Skype/Face Time/WhatsApp etc. session to go over the report and help you understand what you need to retain from the clearing and work on.

    To book a clearing:
    Please send an email via the contact form including your name and the extent of the issue, indicate if other people are involved in the situation etc. v. Acknowledgement will be sent to you by email along with the booking form to fill. You will be informed of the total cost and the provisional day of the clearing. If this is not suitable, as you might feel tired on that day, we will agree an alternative day. Confirmation is upon the receipt of the payment.

    Types of Clearing & Cost

    Full basic Soul Clearing

    As new client any clearing work will start with a "Basic Full clearing" which will include the most influential relationships: you and your parents, your relationship with Self and with Spirit.

    This clearing will give you more clarity on what is your next area of work... It will also lift your energy and give you a clearer view on what is stopping you achieving your goals and a sense of well being. Mini clearings on additional relationships or situation can be added to this clearing.

    Mini Clearing
    A mini clearing can be ordered on its own for existing client, covering a single relationship or situation such as a future meeting, contract negotiation etc..

    Soul Clearing on Abundance and Money

    The aim of this clearing is to clear all programs, blocks and unresolved energies around the following areas:

    Ability to receive unconditionally
    Ability to give unconditionally
    Current self worth
    Any block to the flow of abundance in life?
    Energies around false belief "I am not enough"
    Energies around false belief "there is not enough"
    Are there issues left around communal living?
    Are there vow of poverty left
    and much more...

    Full Soul Clearing on the 7 chakras, Aura & 10 (Kundalini) bodies

    Our physical body mainly consists of millions of cells, each of which is vibrating at a slow rate and giving off certain amount of energy. Surrounding this physical body is another lighter and finer body of energy that vibrates at a greater rate than those of our cells. This constitutes our Aura. Thus, simply explained, the Aura is to our physical body what the atmosphere is to Earth. Aura can be defined as a field of energy or light that surrounds every physical body on this planet.

    The word Chakra is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning spinning vortexes of energy. These vortexes or pools of energy lie inside our physical bodies. There are 7 main Chakras, each connected to a major organ and located along the spine. The Chakras are ‘power stations’ of the body, in that; they are responsible for distributing the energy throughout the body.

    Both Chakras and Auras are vital to an individual’s health and well being. Both these channels of energy can get ‘clogged’ due to stress or illness and impact overall health. This clearing will cleanse your chakras which help them being more stable and stronger as well as your aura. A great way to increase your vibration…

    In-depth Soul Clearing on a specific relationship

    The aim of this clearing is to clear all programs, blocks and unresolved energies that have run between 2 people throughout all their common lives here and in the past. The exact number of past lives will be given to you as well as the type of spiritual connection. This clearing ensure that the karmic debt has been cleared, the lessons which need to be learned can be assimilated...

    Healing the Desire to Suffer - Full Clearing
    Releasing pain and discord from the body

    What is the desire to suffer? Robert Detzler in his book “Soul Re-creation” describes it as follows:

    “This is the negative belief that lessons are better learned through suffering and that suffering makes one pure and holy.”

    Why clear this desire?

    As extensions of Spirit, freedom and joy are our birth right.

    However, as we embark on the schoolwork called incarnating, we can encounter many challenges that seem to conspire to keep us stuck in the illusion that we are separate and cut off from Source.

    Often, a soul/spirit can believe that the school of hard knocks is the only way to learn and that pain is the best teacher. We are often driven to reinforce the idea of “no pain no gain, by repeating patterns of suffering. We can also feel compelled to stay stuck in a “Saviour” pattern, diving into the programming of others with the desire to assist but instead getting caught in the undertow of discordant energies. This can be described as a “co-dependency” programming where the rescuer wishes to be rescued subconsciously by the rescuee. Most of us have been brought up in this emotional pattern which always leads from time to time to great pain and little progress.

    Suffering is not mandatory, nor is pain necessarily the best teacher. Moreover, through the law of attraction and other cosmic laws we know now that the right path is always the path of least resistance…

    This clearing will help you release the myriad ways that you have consciously and subconsciously incorporated suffering intoy our expression and help you attract and choose consciously the easiest path. It will also connect you with the idea that there is divine timing and to let go of things which are not ready to mature…or not aligned to your Truth/Soul.

    What is included?

    This clearing will look at the ways that suffering is manifesting in the physical: what is going on energetically in your life?
    • Is there illness?
    • Are there mental and emotional challenges such as depression or anxiety?
    • Are there patterns of rejection and loss and continued blocks to abundance?
    • Is there anger?

    A full 7 chakras and aura clearing will also be included.

    A healing symbol will be provided to help you release the remains of this false belief, weeks after the clearing has been completed.

    A daily affirmation will be given to help you change some of your conscious thought patterns.

    House clearing

    As you know, every thought, word and action has energy and can lodge itself in the very fabric of a home, building and even a car! This clearing will remove the negative energies and an immediate change in the atmosphere can usually be felt. Please remember, however, that any further negativity, i.e. harsh thoughts, words or actions, arguments, discord an disharmony may serve to replace the negativity

    Full Business Clearing:

    Clearing can be an extremely helpful tool in clearing programs that stand in the way of creating, growing and maintaining your business. A business entity has its own consciousness. This consciousness may have blocks and interferences. It has its own perceptions, beliefs and judgments. You will be required an in-depth information sheet concerning your business, including business location, stakeholders, vision, mission statement etc...>

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