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Spiritual Energy Healing & Spiritual Development in Frederick, Maryland


I am currently away from Frederick MD but available for any remote work. If you wish or need for Hands-on reiki, please
contact Agnes at www.reikiwithagnes.com. Agnes works from her lovely home in Urbana MD or from a clinic in Downtown Frederick.

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VARIOUS CARD ORACLE CARD READINGS are available now. These card readings are all remotely done and a report is sent to your mailbox so you can order them wherever you are located!

What people have to say about these readings?

"Steph carried out a beautiful New Year Oracle card reading remotely and a full report by email. I was amazed by the information enclosed which was "spot on". I could totally resonate with the reading. I now feel focused, positive and got something to work on. The report is very colourful, easily understandable and so professional. If you need any guidance on how to move forward, I would for sure try this wonderful and soft Oracle card reading. Steph has the most beautiful gift delivering these. You won’t regret this magnificent experience. " MG-Reiki Master- Hastings- January 2019

NEW: 7 Rays of the archangels attunement...an attunement open to all whether you are a healer or not. Check it out!

NOTE: Clients from the United Kingdom and Europe, please visit www.spiritual-energy.com

From time to time check this page as I release new Oracle Card reading and promotions. You don't need to live in Frederick, MD to enjoy the Oracle card reading or Clearing of the Akashic records (soul clearings). Most of these amazing healing modalities are done remotely and followed by a call to go over the report and findings!

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New client? Where do you start from where you are?

Welcome to Spiritual Energy...You have come to this website probably because you are struggling making sense of some external events in your life or of who you are...We spend so much time focusing on our outside world that we don't even know how to stay centrered when life hits us hard or who we are anymore. It is always difficult to make decisions when you have lost all clarity and all vision of the life you wish to build...

Before you start this journey, you need to decide whether I am the right guide for you and here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

* Are you willing to take full responsibility for your healing journey? No one can fix you but yourself through your connection to Spirit.
* Are you prepared to commit to follow the guidance you will receive?
* Are you prepared to be disciplined enough to implement this guidance in your daily life?
* Are you open to learn a new way of being, which at times won't feel comfortable but if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will get what you got?
* Are you prepared to show up for you and have courage so you can meet and love the shadow part of you?

If this answers are yes, then trust that I will be there supporting you and showing you all the tools, guidance, wisdom I have gathered through my own journey. My aim is to empower you, not to depend on me or anything or anyone. You are your own guru. You just need to discover the path to reconnect you with it!

So now, you're probably also wondering where to start to untangle this web of thoughts and not so good experiences and what therapy/process to choose from, so here is the journey:

STEP 1 - CLEARING - The starting point is always Soul Clearing or clearing of the akashic records. The akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. So a clearing of the akashic records (or soul clearing) aims to erase the soul of all blocks, interferences and negative energies from past experiences in this life and past lives, parallel universes etc in a particular area. This process will give you more clarity and remove the intensity of certain emotions. A clearing will not fix the situation for you as there will be a little work to be done at a conscious level to integrate the change completely.

STEP 2 - HEALING - Next step is for you to receive Reiki or any type of spiritual healing from a Reiki practitioner or any reputable practitioner. I see Reiki as a "high quality fuel" to feed your engine and support you whilst going through these changes. Practice discernment in choosing the person you want to work with. You are also welcome to work remotely with me and choose Remote Reiki Healing. It is very effective. Check the Testimonials!

STEP 3 - CHANGING YOU THOUGHTS - Our connection to the Divine Mind is through our thoughts and words. When we use limiting or restrictive thought patterns, we manifest lack in our lives. Intuitive Coaching will offer you a space where you can share it all with a supportive hand to guide you through the messages, lessons and changes presented to you. Positive affirmations will be provided to erase old thought patterns. These sessions aim at helping you clarify where you're at and where to go next.

STEP 4 - RECEIVING GUIDANCE - Connecting with the Oracle for guidance is one of the most ancient way to hear Spirit. I use the beautiful cards of Colette Baron-Reid to receive these messages from Spirit. What's an Oracle? The definition of it is that it is a priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity. For me, the Oracle represents Spirit and the Divine Mind. So my readings are not predictive. Oracle card readings are used to get guidance on what to do next and understanding the lesson at play. An Oracle card reading is like a little road maps and (when used with Intuitive coaching) a dialogue with Spirit!

The purpose of these tools and this process is to reconnect you to Spirit and your Divine Self and align your life and decisions to it...You will discover the joy of living again!

I very much look forward to hearing from you and support you through the most exciting time of your life! As human being, we only seem to transform or reinvent ourselves through pain...so bless these difficult times as they are our teachers.

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Remote Healing and Spiritual Development in Maryland and beyond...

Welcome to Spiritual Energy...

You have come to this website probably because you are a seeker...spiritual seeker or just a seeker of more harmony, more peace, more joy in your life and the life of others...

You know that every experience in your life is processed on 4 levels at any one time:

1: on a physical level
2: on a mental level
3: on an emotional level
4: on a spiritual level.

The starting point of any imbalance is spiritual so that's where Spiritual Energy can help you.

If you are struggling at the moment to overcome some blocks, to understand the difficulties in some of your relationships or have lost clarity on what you should learn to go beyond this point, you have come to the right place.

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